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$KC #CoffeeFutures – maybe the best swing trade ever…

Haven’t researched the results versus everything else in the world but $21k per contract on the up and downs, the longs and shorts, in the past 13 months has been fairly steady and rather astounding.

Currently long.

Update: Short from 2/23, 149.95.

(click on the chart for a larger view)


$SPY – trending day in the works?

Following the green…

After coming into the day from Friday’s late-day weakness the market so far today has had a reversal and is trending up, giving buys on UPRO, TQQQ, TNA, XIV, the futures, call options.

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$KC #Coffee – swing traders’ dream

Coffee has been swinging from oversold to overbought and back again on a consistent basis for more than a year.

Last year, January through December, was spectacular with more than a $30,000 gain on margin (current margin requirement is $3,100 per contract).  This year not as much but still great –$10k plus so far.

Should be noted that the commodity may be in transition.  It appears on a longer term basis coffee has moved from bearish to generally bullish with what appears to be no less than a rounding bottom on the daily chart.

The commodity’s active contract is overbought and can go higher but that trade is on so not worth chasing.  The next trade will be a short.

(for a closer look at the swings right click on the chart)


$KC (Coffee) a swing traders dream

Long again.

This futures trade just keep perking (up and down).

Note the arrows on the chart below – it truly is a swing traders dream (at least for time being since nothing last forever).

(click on chart for a larger view)