#DayTrading – the super six stocks

Six stocks for tomorrow from my Nifty-Fifty stock list — BCOV, QUAD, TRMB, SSRI, HPQ, IBM. The “Super Six” if you will, or at least that is the hope…

These are on new daily buy signals for the open to be sold on the close for the day.  If the market is negative, which could drag these down, I will use a stop on five-minute bars  five minutes into the open.

Year-to-date, BCOV is up 53 percent on these signals, QUAD up 71%, TRMB up 25%, SSRI up 72%, HPQ up 31%, and IBM up 24%.

All posting here are for entertainment purposes only and not recommendations for any action, buy or sell, but this strategy — given it is in the morning, out in the afternoon, never staying overnight — is probably ideal for pattern day traders who want to get away flat for martini time.



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